King ,Oligarch, or true man of the People? Only time holds the answers .

Unity Through Solutions says “Let’s Talk”


You have arrived! You are asking perhaps ,”What’s next?” We invite you to watch our daily featured video above We will post a new one daily and they will also be on our youtube channel. These are selected news commentary or satire. Then, we invite you to scroll down and view some recent posts that are linked to other areas of our site. Consider our current topics .  Our national goal is UnityThroughSolutions .

  • You sense there are some very disturbing circumstances occurring around you but unsure of what to do .
  • You sense that freedom is rapidly eroding .
  • You sense that the media is no  longer truthful.
  • You sense that politicians can not be trusted.
  • You want your children to grow to enjoy a free nation.
  • You believe in the One True God but are tolerant of others who are non-believers.
  • You want to be a part of a real movement filled with solutions.

One thought on “Unity Through Solutions

  1. I am not approving your comment as our review board considers it divisive and not conducive to our stated goals We wish you well and assure you our intent is to unite America and return to the founders intent


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