Trump Watch

It’s a day later and Mr. President is DJ Trump and family.  We have watched the ceremonies, heard the commentators try and interpret his comments and actions,trumpwatch and observed a few of his cabinet nominees under examination by congressional committeemen in public hearings.  What we have not been privy to are the private conversations that apparently all the committeemen have with the candidates in their individual offices before being paraded in front of the cameras.  The concern and warning this writer has for the country are as follows; Trump is a showman and has been right on cue to pander to the evangelical and conservative constituents across America.  He has elevated Robert Jeffress (Dallas, TX) and Franklin Graham (Charlotte, NC) as his new best buddies to sell himself to America as a “changed” man, however, there is a danger sign flashing by certain cabinet choices most evident is Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin along with several additional former Goldman Sachs alumni.  Goldman Sachs is the epitome of financial failures and reversals.  Certainly not their failures but, their clients who accept the phrase “risk management” to mean that GS will advise and limit downside risk in one’s investment portfolio while actually creating counterparty trades they can manipulate to not only profit from the clients position through the advisory fees they charge but then from taking an opposing position of their clients and creating a systemic failure that significantly diminishes and even wipes out one’s capital position.  Our Federal Reserve is not a protector of our wealth as a backstop to our banking system but in fact the driver of financial policy that limits one’s access to their assets and capital and has been the tool used since WWI to manipulate Americans into wars, recessions, financial crisis and is now the largest shareholder in America, Inc of which “We the People” are the collateral.  DJT is a globalist elitist who believes he is entitled and now empowered to rule the world.  His Treasury and other Goldman Sachs

Steve Mnuchin

alumni cabinet member selections are proof we are heading into a cataclysmic era of volatility that will surely result in our failed state becoming totally dependent upon police state mechanisms as they try and maintain civil order.  Watch this man and his cronies as they take us down but don’t ever say you were not warned.  DJT is a carnival barker, a showman, a political animal whose only interest is his families wealth and he will sell us out as surely as he did the depositors in his 4 billion dollar bankruptcies.  Lawyers, bankers, and politicians are never at risk with their own capital and only gamble with ours.  Now that DJT is Mr. President, guard your purse because he is a-coming to get what we have left and certain folks of his cabinet selections are proof positive of this fact.


Trump Inauguration


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