Trump Unhinged …. Not really!

 Trump Unhinged ? Not really THE MSM is the unhinged party.

We knew it was going to get bad for Trump. The term “unhinged” is defined as demented, deranged, disturbed, manic, unbalanced, confused, crazy, touched, bananas, batty, berserk, bonkers, crazed, insane, loopy, lunatic, mad, maniac, mental, out of touch. So the FakeNewsMedia describes him as such while he works to MAGA

Corruption and Criminal Culpability in the DOJ and FBI
Corruption and Criminal Culpability

There is no doubt in this writers opinion that our president meets none of these descriptive adjectives but the greater question is why we are here?  Why did we go from Bill Clinton, hire young George Bush, then this Obama creature and almost bring back another and more dangerous than her husband in Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton but the best the republican party establishment could muster was a failed bid of another Bush as in Jeb and a bunch of n’er do well lawyers and talking heads to then hire a globalist elitist.


We the people finally got it right  in Donald J Trump.

The guy and his whole family are creatures of habit  just winning. Sure they were cutting deals for themselves with foreign powers and oligarchs while running a revolving door of administration goofballs who apparently are so insecure they have to go to work for a total idiot to get their daily dose of whatever it is one gets while reporting to a a winner.

Trump is not unhinged,  not insecure in his own skin,  not inarticulate and not stubbornly thin skinned.  Please America, wake up and look within for other  candidates who are also ourselves, smart, capable, honest, God-fearing and competent.  Send a message to your republican representatives to get things cleaned up so we can restructure this country by returning to our roots in the United States Constitution.  Raise up men of integrity to lead us once again.

Earned Loyalty

Earned Loyalty

Mr Trump, our Godfather in Chief asks James Comey to pledge loyalty to Trump……. Donald trump PollLaughing out loud!  Give us a break Mr. President.  The White House is not some sleazy mob clubhouse where you bring in the concigliere to make them pledge their loyalty to an insecure mobster who use guns and cement galoshes to force loyalty.  Real men lead and real leaders lead by example creating an environment where peers will join the leaders in their endeavors to make the world a better place.  Chump Trump is no leader but an insecure little man with issues of manhood.  Thank God we do not have Hillary but heaven help us in 2018 and 2020 to get some real men into Congress and the White House to turn this country around.  Washington, DC is a cesspool of insecure little people who don’t know how to bring about any solutions for the American people and it is time to get the moral compass pointing back to true north. No more thugs with insecurity complexes in the White House.

Sanctuary Cities are Criminal Operations

Sanctuary Cities are Criminal Operations

Sanctuary Cities Are Criminal Operations

The fact that certain major cities and local jurisdictions inside our country are classified and proudly bear the title as a sanctuary city only means the administrators and elected officials of these incorporated areas are running a criminal operation.  Accordingly all federal funds and protections provided by those of us across the country who pay our federal taxes should demand that none of our tax dollars de distributed back into these criminal operations.  If the Trump administration is unwilling to cut off 100% of federal dollars to these cities, then Trump is complicit to their operations.  While UTS is unwilling to recommend negative actions as a tool towards correcting many of the ills facing out country, this issue is rather clean cut and simple to exercise.  Those communities who believe if is their right to arbitrarily determine what laws to follow and which ones to “set aside” are not honoring their oaths of office under our Constitution of These United States accordingly should be immediately removed by impeachment and arrest until their cases for treason can be tried under our Common Law Grand Jury system of rule as so set forth by The Founders.  This is a defining moment for Trump to man up and become a president or not.  My bet is he will will not.

Unity through Solutions Observes its “Good To Be Rich”

Unity through Solutions Observes its “Good To Be Rich”
The Trump organization, er administration, is one filled by multi – millionaires and billionaires estimated by some to be the richest White House crew in US history.  To be governed by ultra high net individuals and self made success stories might seem like a pro business agenda would be the order of the day however we believe in exploring the source of these folks wealth so when we develop the profile of the Trump machine, we find that these are folks who gamed the system as Goldman Sachs bankers, fund managers, lawyers and other less than desirable personalities.  IT was amusing to this writer as I listened to a former close Trump family friend talk about her encounters with “The Donald” as he would encourage her to date him and to hear her explanation that he failed her EQ (emotional quotient) and IQ (intelligence quotient) meters as a boring and self absorbed ego maniac.  Most of Trumps associations are like minded screw your neighbor types whose moral compass is so far south they are incapable of intelligent engineering of governance related matters.

White House is for Sale?

America needs thoughtful and adult leadership that comes from all levels of Americas cross section not just the rich who have succeeded in transferring others people into their pockets and while it is good to be rich, it is far richer to be better.  America’s political elite support our debt ridden crisis of the masses which is the same political perspective and agenda of Russia so as the Washington spin machine plays charades on television for our press and talking heads, the country goes down the drain, broke and crying in her soup.  But not the Trump White House who now have our public pockets books to spend on their glorious life styles.  Look to 2018 and support first time candidates for your local offices and lets drain the swamp of these Trump parasites in 2020 with a new president who is of “We the People”.. …….

Unity Through Solutions says The American Debt Epidemic Becomes Terminal.

Unity Through Solutions says The American Debt Epidemic Becomes Terminal.
Unity Through SolutionsThere are standards precedent regarding how much debt any family should take on relative to ability to repay and forward earnings capacity that everyone should recognize.  While our national leaders use debt to increase fiat capital levels inside our economy presumably under the purview of the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately owned for profit entity) the reality is that debt is used to control our people.  If you do not pay off your credit cards every month, you are endangering your family’s health and welfare.  If your home mortgage is more than a 50% debt to equity ratio, you are at risk of losing your home.  If you a small business working to keep your head above water and remain in compliance with your bank loan covenants before you take your paycheck out of your cash accounts, you are at risk of losing everything you have sacrificed to accumulate including your home (don’t buy into using an LLC or corporation to shield your personal assets from your businesses liabilities in case of litigation or default).  Wake up and realize that you should be eliminating every debt obligation you possess by either selling off your assets to pay off the debt or using savings to pay off any debt and get away from the control of your bank over your lives.  Why am I so concerned about your debt levels?  Take a look at our national debt levels and realize that the US Government cannot cover its own obligations and the politicians have sold you out by promising payments through entitlements, social programs and retirement IOUs that they cannot cover.  They are in default to you but you cannot take them to court and demand they come back into compliance.  You cannot expect to receive your retirement savings because your elected officials are going to take your assets to cover their default so unless you are debt free, you lose because your debt is what they use to transfer your wealth to their pockets where in the end, when the Federal Reserve demands repayment for their trillions of bad paper they hold against These United States of America, the default will complete their total control of all Americans.  Clean up your balance sheet today and preserve any possible hope of preserving your independence.

Unity Through Solutions Asks Does Donald Trump Make You Proud to be an American ?

Donald J Trump

Unity Through Solutions Asks Does Donald Trump Make You Proud to be an American ?


Unity Through Solution admits and has never denied our ambivalience and concern for a Donald Trump Presidency. However in the end we joined the evangelical leaders who rightly indicated the race was a single issue for many  … “who would make the Supreme Court Justice nomination”.Our  team was forced to support Donald J. Trump as #CrookedHillaryClinton was simply an abomination who would have packed the court with activists judges with the consent of the RINO Congress. Unity Through Solutions offerred to the Presidents team a fully vetted and scored Health Care replacement that met all of his pledges but alas we were rebufffed. By three people close enough to him to have him review. Now he is stuck with Obama Lite and the Rino Ryan plan.  However..

Today we remain observant as we are praying for God’s guidance of  POTUS Trump’s  leadership of our nation. So we ask …. with our theme in mind of Unity through Solutions…  Does He make you proud?

Donald trump Poll

Unity Through Solutions 2018-2020

We are divided by our problems



We are a nation divided. Why?  Reasons are many and even they can not be agreed upon . Where are the leaders with solutions. We need not  be offered empty promises. We have had enough. Its time to find men and women of character who  have the courage to step forward with confidence and execute these solutions. As a snowball rolling  down a hill, we  gain momentum and size. We begin to heal our land as we are exposing the deceit and lies that have been given  us for decades. Step up  please and step forward . We intend to find you and urge your service.