Obstruction of Justice by the Democratic Party.

2016 -08-Obstruction 08-02-2016Obstruction of Justice by  the Democratic Party.

  • We all watched in horror as Benghazi unfolded and the Clinton State Department ran their disinformation;
  • We all watched in awe as the FBI announced that no criminal referrals would be handed down against Slick Hillary for treason as she shared our national defense secrets in real time through a non-secure private server.
  • We all remember the fraud that Jonathan Gruber perpetrated on us through falsified mathematics as Obama-care was passed onto law;
  • We remember Lois Lerner retiring from the IRS after having thwarted legitimate applications by “conservative” causes;
  • We watched in horror as Eric Holder created a racial firestorm in Ferguson to cover up the subcommittee investigation into the fraud we call Obama-care;
  • We remember that Eric Holder ran a criminal covert operation to provide  small weapons to Mexican drug cartels and these weapons were used to kill Border Patrol officers.

Solution :

Criminally prosecute these individuals. Since our elected officials will not, we as a people must start to pressure Congress to do so under promise to vote them out of office in their next election.  Maybe the Republicans will get the message!


Unity Through Solutions Discusses the Bureau of Land Management and US Government Land Grabs.

BLM what are they doing?

Lets Get informed: the Bureau of Land Management and US Government Land Grabs.

BLM what are they doing?
Feds own alot of our land.
We are  aware of the dangerous precedents that have been “arranged” by certain actors operating as key political appointees of critical infrastructure oversight agencies and the disastrous outcomes when Americans are killed protecting their land and rights.
We all feel horrible for the disrupted lives of these families.  We are deprived of continued association with our neighbors who become victims of corrupt USGov bureaucrats.
Lets remember that Harry Reid’s son leads a solar deal that desires certain land holdings in Nevada.  Therefore :
Harry Reid is a corrupt politician whose self dealing has resulted in deaths.  Accordingly Harry Reid should be indicted for profiteering and using his political power for profit. However we should also be careful and not protect our natural assets from unscrupulous operators who would rape our lands for profit.
Hillary Clinton cut a deal with a Russian company to steal property in the US Northwest resulting in law enforcement officers being forced to take the life of a citizen protecting his livelihood.
 Both “Slick Hillary” and “Dirty Harry” are bad actors who used their public office and our BLM for profit but we must preserve our lands for all Americans so lets not attack the BLM.


Prosecute politicians who use their influence to profit or to create situations to create discord with legitimate lease holders who are just exercising their livelihood.
Throwing out the “baby with the bath water” is not productive. Accordingly while certain personalities inside the BLM become pawns of political interests, our  focus  should be on impeaching crooked politicians like Harry Reid and indicting Hillary Clinton for running  “fees for favors” criminal enterprises.

God, Faith and Politics.


God, Faith and Politics.

On June 25, 1962, the United States Supreme Court decided in Engel v. Vitale that a prayer approved by the New York Board of Regents for use in schools violated the First Amendment because it represented the establishment of religion.Aug 15, 2014. Detailed understanding and original intent reading of our US Constitution shows the error of this ruling.



Solution: It’s simple. Have Our politicians declare that all future court rulings that are voted on by the Congress as interpretive rather than constitutionally based shall be deemed null and void by proclamation of our President with in 30 days of Congressional vote.

Our nation was dedicated to free worship of religion by our citizens. Any religion is welcome as long as it does not promote violence. No minority shall control our  people’s decisions about our schools any longer.



Trump Unhinged …. Not really!

 Trump Unhinged ? Not really THE MSM is the unhinged party.

We knew it was going to get bad for Trump. The term “unhinged” is defined as demented, deranged, disturbed, manic, unbalanced, confused, crazy, touched, bananas, batty, berserk, bonkers, crazed, insane, loopy, lunatic, mad, maniac, mental, out of touch. So the FakeNewsMedia describes him as such while he works to MAGA

Corruption and Criminal Culpability in the DOJ and FBI
Corruption and Criminal Culpability

There is no doubt in this writers opinion that our president meets none of these descriptive adjectives but the greater question is why we are here?  Why did we go from Bill Clinton, hire young George Bush, then this Obama creature and almost bring back another and more dangerous than her husband in Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton but the best the republican party establishment could muster was a failed bid of another Bush as in Jeb and a bunch of n’er do well lawyers and talking heads to then hire a globalist elitist.


We the people finally got it right  in Donald J Trump.

The guy and his whole family are creatures of habit  just winning. Sure they were cutting deals for themselves with foreign powers and oligarchs while running a revolving door of administration goofballs who apparently are so insecure they have to go to work for a total idiot to get their daily dose of whatever it is one gets while reporting to a a winner.

Trump is not unhinged,  not insecure in his own skin,  not inarticulate and not stubbornly thin skinned.  Please America, wake up and look within for other  candidates who are also ourselves, smart, capable, honest, God-fearing and competent.  Send a message to your republican representatives to get things cleaned up so we can restructure this country by returning to our roots in the United States Constitution.  Raise up men of integrity to lead us once again.

Earned Loyalty

Earned Loyalty

Mr Trump, our Godfather in Chief asks James Comey to pledge loyalty to Trump……. Donald trump PollLaughing out loud!  Give us a break Mr. President.  The White House is not some sleazy mob clubhouse where you bring in the concigliere to make them pledge their loyalty to an insecure mobster who use guns and cement galoshes to force loyalty.  Real men lead and real leaders lead by example creating an environment where peers will join the leaders in their endeavors to make the world a better place.  Chump Trump is no leader but an insecure little man with issues of manhood.  Thank God we do not have Hillary but heaven help us in 2018 and 2020 to get some real men into Congress and the White House to turn this country around.  Washington, DC is a cesspool of insecure little people who don’t know how to bring about any solutions for the American people and it is time to get the moral compass pointing back to true north. No more thugs with insecurity complexes in the White House.

Sanctuary Cities are Criminal Operations

Sanctuary Cities are Criminal Operations

Sanctuary Cities Are Criminal Operations

The fact that certain major cities and local jurisdictions inside our country are classified and proudly bear the title as a sanctuary city only means the administrators and elected officials of these incorporated areas are running a criminal operation.  Accordingly all federal funds and protections provided by those of us across the country who pay our federal taxes should demand that none of our tax dollars de distributed back into these criminal operations.  If the Trump administration is unwilling to cut off 100% of federal dollars to these cities, then Trump is complicit to their operations.  While UTS is unwilling to recommend negative actions as a tool towards correcting many of the ills facing out country, this issue is rather clean cut and simple to exercise.  Those communities who believe if is their right to arbitrarily determine what laws to follow and which ones to “set aside” are not honoring their oaths of office under our Constitution of These United States accordingly should be immediately removed by impeachment and arrest until their cases for treason can be tried under our Common Law Grand Jury system of rule as so set forth by The Founders.  This is a defining moment for Trump to man up and become a president or not.  My bet is he will will not.