Trump Unhinged

 Trump Unhinged We knew it was going to get bad for Trump.  We frankly did not believe he would stoop to disclosing certain information to his friends in Russia but then why are we surprised.  The term “unhinged” is defined as demented, deranged, disturbed, manic, unbalanced, confused, crazy, touched, bananas, batty, berserk, bonkers, crazed, insane, […]

Earned Loyalty

Earned Loyalty Mr Trump, our Godfather in Chief asks James Comey to pledge loyalty to Trump……. Laughing out loud!  Give us a break Mr. President.  The White House is not some sleazy mob clubhouse where you bring in the concigliere to make them pledge their loyalty to an insecure mobster who use guns and cement […]

Sanctuary Cities are Criminal Operations

Unity Through Solutions contends …Communities who believe if is their right to arbitrarily determine what laws to follow and which ones to “set aside” are not honoring their oaths of office under our Constitution of These United States accordingly should be immediately removed by impeachment and arrest until their cases for treason can be tried under our Common Law Grand Jury system of rule as so set forth by The Founders. This is a defining moment for Trump to man up and become a president or not.

Unity Through Solutions Asks Does Donald Trump Make You Proud to be an American ?

Unity Through Solution admits and has never denied our ambivalience and concern for a Donald Trump Presidency. However in the end we joined the evangelical leaders who rightly indicated the race was a single issue for many … “who would make the Supreme Court Justice nomination”.Our team was forced to support Donald J. Trump as #CrookedHillaryClinton was simply an abomination who would have packed the court with activists judges with the consent of the RINO Congress.

Unity Through Solutions 2018-2020

We are a nation divided. Why? Reasons are many and even they can not be agreed upon . Where are the leaders with solutions. We need not be offered empty promises. We have had enough. Its time to find men and women of character who have the courage to step forward with confidence and execute these solutions. As a snowball rolling down a hill, we gain momentum and size. We begin to heal our land as we are exposing the deceit and lies that have been given us for decades. Step up please and step forward . We intend to find you and urge your service.