Unity Through Solutions’ position on Industrialized Education.

The push of the left to take control of our population as children for the indoctrination of socialism has been a success. When Christian clergy sold out to tax exemption effectively abandoning their ability to influence family awareness of the political turn to the left and not resisting when the courts allowed Brown vs Board of Education to take our Bibles out of school, we started down the slippery slope to what is now a society without a moral compass.

Mega Banks Fail Shareholders Shadow Banking System Fails Pensioners.

Unity Through Solutions contends that Mega banks have concentrated 80% of the wealth of our nation into seven corporations who by US Treasury standards are “Too Big To Fail”. However, fail they will. The shadow banking system manages more and more of our pensioners’ capital. These pensioners do not realize that these “risk managers” have been devaluing these investments by simply “trading” off of market indexes without any real assets.

Unity Through Solutions Position Term Limits for our Politicians

As we should know term limits have been repeatedly set aside as nonessential legislation reform. We also should know every politician knows the importance of reinstating them as law but will not as being against self-interests. A Constitutional Convention might be necessary to force the practice. Of course, the very politicians, most of whom would not be able to obtain gainful employment much less become millionaires, will resist.