Trump Unhinged …. Not really!

 Trump Unhinged ? Not really THE MSM is the unhinged party.

We knew it was going to get bad for Trump. The term “unhinged” is defined as demented, deranged, disturbed, manic, unbalanced, confused, crazy, touched, bananas, batty, berserk, bonkers, crazed, insane, loopy, lunatic, mad, maniac, mental, out of touch. So the FakeNewsMedia describes him as such while he works to MAGA

Corruption and Criminal Culpability in the DOJ and FBI
Corruption and Criminal Culpability

There is no doubt in this writers opinion that our president meets none of these descriptive adjectives but the greater question is why we are here?  Why did we go from Bill Clinton, hire young George Bush, then this Obama creature and almost bring back another and more dangerous than her husband in Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton but the best the republican party establishment could muster was a failed bid of another Bush as in Jeb and a bunch of n’er do well lawyers and talking heads to then hire a globalist elitist.


We the people finally got it right  in Donald J Trump.

The guy and his whole family are creatures of habit  just winning. Sure they were cutting deals for themselves with foreign powers and oligarchs while running a revolving door of administration goofballs who apparently are so insecure they have to go to work for a total idiot to get their daily dose of whatever it is one gets while reporting to a a winner.

Trump is not unhinged,  not insecure in his own skin,  not inarticulate and not stubbornly thin skinned.  Please America, wake up and look within for other  candidates who are also ourselves, smart, capable, honest, God-fearing and competent.  Send a message to your republican representatives to get things cleaned up so we can restructure this country by returning to our roots in the United States Constitution.  Raise up men of integrity to lead us once again.

Sanctuary Cities are Criminal Operations

Sanctuary Cities are Criminal Operations

Sanctuary Cities Are Criminal Operations

The fact that certain major cities and local jurisdictions inside our country are classified and proudly bear the title as a sanctuary city only means the administrators and elected officials of these incorporated areas are running a criminal operation.  Accordingly all federal funds and protections provided by those of us across the country who pay our federal taxes should demand that none of our tax dollars de distributed back into these criminal operations.  If the Trump administration is unwilling to cut off 100% of federal dollars to these cities, then Trump is complicit to their operations.  While UTS is unwilling to recommend negative actions as a tool towards correcting many of the ills facing out country, this issue is rather clean cut and simple to exercise.  Those communities who believe if is their right to arbitrarily determine what laws to follow and which ones to “set aside” are not honoring their oaths of office under our Constitution of These United States accordingly should be immediately removed by impeachment and arrest until their cases for treason can be tried under our Common Law Grand Jury system of rule as so set forth by The Founders.  This is a defining moment for Trump to man up and become a president or not.  My bet is he will will not.

Sanctuary Cities Crumbling

Sanctuary Cities Crumbling

Unity Through Solutions states “This idea that any local mayor and city council could snub their noses and flip the middle finger to our Constitution as they harbor illegal aliens and openly defend lawbreakers is appalling”.  The fact that the demoncratic party was so adamant in their defense of criminal activities that cost American tax payers hard earned money in the form of schools, food, shelter and medical care while law abiding citizens have to go without these same “luxuries” has confused and pissed off those of us who felt we were being stomped upon to provide for and protect criminal activities.  It is no secret that the federal government could have clamped down on releasing funds to these criminally run cities effectively creating an environment where the electorate would have thrown out the city leaders whose liberal harmful and arrogant nature was harming the innocent however under Clinton, Bush and especially Obama, continued to circumvent our Constitution and their oath to protect and preserve the laws of the country.  If Trump in his glory is able to impress Miami that they should not continue to operate a criminal operation as apparently they have seen the error of their ways, then lets give the rest of them one month to shut down all illegal operations and defenses of illegals and in fact if they fail to do so, criminalize these majors and city councils who have profaned our Constitution and place them in jail along with the illegal aliens.  We can deport the illegals back to their home countries where they can reapply as legal immigrants but leave the politicians in jail to teach them a lesson on the rule of law.1-27
 A few fewer demoncrats ruining our cities and a few less innocent lives taken or effected by the crimes of these few.

Debt, Leverage and Control

Debt, Leverage, and Control

Most all Americans have come to believe that debt is a useful tool for acquiring things they want to today and can pay for tomorrow.  Businesses utilize debt to make acquisitions, purchase capital equipment, expand production and or offset tax liabilities.  Banks throw money at credit worthy consumers and businesses through baskets of products that borrowers can select as best suits their utility.  Bankers are compensated by how much net gain they can extract from borrowers accordingly will compromise themselves at any opportunity to maximize our leverage increasing our dependance on them while increasing their control over us.
The banking industry has even coined the phrase “risk management” while describing their role in our affairs.  If you are not already aware may I herein inform you that we are all 100% at risk to these banks and most Americans and businesses are just a paycheck or failed account receivable away from someone coming after them for payment where their assets are collateral for the bankers are compensated by how much net gain they can extract from borrowers accordingly will compromise themselves at any opportunity to maximize our leverage increasing our dependence on them while increasing their control over us. unity2-0-website-feature-images
 The banking industry has even coined the phrase “risk management” while describing their role in our affairs.  If you are not already aware may I herein inform you that we are all 100% at risk to these banks and most Americans and businesses are just a paycheck or failed account receivable away from someone coming after them for payment where their assets are collateral for the loan.  Isn’t it time for all Americans to awaken to the systemic failure that is around the corner when our Federal Reserve and banking system collapse?  Are Americans willing to retake our legacy and preserve our assets by delinking from the banking system and getting ourselves out of debt?  If not, don’t cry when the bankers show up to take everything you own and throw you out on the street!

US National Security


Trump and his national security issues are providing the entertainment press some fodder for stories while Obama skews and politicizes anything he can for his failed legacy.  Both of these characters are embarrassments to the office of President and to our nation for different reasons.  We have to remember that Obama gutted our military leadership of capable and competent minds by taking control of every element of our military and intelligence gathering organizations.  He placed old guys who are fossils when it comes to technology as in Clapper at the top while separating the really smart and capable brass effectively neutering our foreign services and human resources.  Of course Trump should question the integrity of the intel reports as we all have witnessed the politicization of the FBI and Mr. Comey as he reels in the wind of whatever Clinton or White House pressure befalls him so while Trump isn’t the sharpest blade in the drawer either so when Trump receives classified information that he cannot vet through independent and public sources, he naturally should question the veracity of the sources and the information.  He has to assume that until the hour he becomes Commander In Chief this little Obama character and his demoncratic party associates will screw up anything they touch and try to compromise everything Trump does.  Folks, we take national security seriously however the actions and policies of this outgoing White House and all demoncratic party participants will do anything to undermine our once great nation.


Industrialized Education A Globalists Tool

Industrialized Education

The push by the left to take control of our population using our children for the indoctrination of socialism has been a success. When Christian clergy sold out to tax exemption effectively abandoning their ability to influence family awareness of the political turn to the left and not resisting when the courts allowed Brown vs Board of Education to take our Bibles out of school, we started down the slippery slope to what is now a society without a moral compass. Common Core is just a symptom of the degradation bestowed upon our young people to thwart their learning process on their pathway to becoming capable adults. Our teachers are dumbed down themselves so their only objective is to preserve their job and retirement through following the rules. Local community leaders are only looking out for their own next tax payers funded wine sipping, back slapping “retreat” in some hotel where they can congratulate each other for just being there. American industrialized production is now a failure. American morality and decency are now a thing of the past. We just completed an election between two of Americas most successful con jobs. For now, America is totally void of any reasonable leadership qualities that can help steer us back to stability. we are faced with the public school systems broken and ineffective educators.

The solutions exist in many forms.

  • Begin with parents investing themselves into their children’s life by actively spending the time to inform them about managing resources, hard work through chores around the house for television and computer privileges, reading together and taking meals together.
  • Elect responsible local leaders to school boards whose mission is solely in educating reading, writing, and arithmetic with sports and music included. The future economy will not be in building new frontiers of technology breakthrough for increased productivity or more leisure time but in basic necessities of food, shelter, and safety.

We have come far enough in technology and it is time to catch our breath, assess our condition and plan accordingly. This idea of globalization is a failure that took down our republic through democratization promulgated through our “industrialized” education system. Responsible parents must reduce time catering to their children and instead teach and guide them and this means taking back our schools. Now. Unity Through Solutions says “Demand an End to Industrialized Education.

Trump’s Carrier Deal Not Good For America


Unity Through Solutions has solutions that will end “Corporate Welfare”.


Trump’s Carrier Deal Not Good For America

Why would keeping American jobs in America not be good for America?
Simply because  using tax incentives doled out to corporate interests is corporate welfare not proactive commerce that creates jobs increasing American prosperity.
When our presidents, states governors and local economic development corporations use public funds to benefit corporate interests just for locating jobs from one state to another or to keep jobs here that are going offshore, all Americans are supporting that company the same as corporate bond guarantees, direct subsidies and indirect price controls to benefit one citizen over another, they simply send a bad signal to all corporate c-suites to threaten to leave then watch the public funds come in.   Socialism is the government control of businesses that benefit one citizen over another and this is exactly what Donald Trump is doing.  This writer has maintained since last summer when Trump became the nominee that he was nothing more than a leverage king who would exercise his elitist globalist mindset contrary to the American peoples’ great heritage of free enterprise and individual rights.
Folks, watch this guy and as his “corrective” actions to make American great again continue, the common thread will be his innate skill at passing the buck onto the poor bank depositors like those who paid the bill for his casino bankruptcies but now he can pass the buck onto the future generations of Americans.  Of course, his family will not see these expenses as they will become the beneficiaries of corporate interests who will reap the rewards of his policies……..  Republicanism is not corporate charity on the backs of middle-class taxpayers.