Big Banks Fail Shareholders Shadow Banking System Fails Pensioners


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Mega  Banks Fail Shareholders, Shadow Banking System Fails Pensioners.

The big banks have concentrated 80% of the wealth of our nation into seven corporations who by US Treasury standards are “Too Big To Fail”.  However, fail they will.  The shadow banking system manages more and more of our pensioners’ capital. These pensioners do not realize that these “risk managers” have been devaluing these investments by simply “trading” off of market indexes without any real assets. The reality is that behind these so call investments that are simply allocations of other people’s’ money to their friends who have Ivy League MBAs, PhDs or were just college roommates is nothing.  Our money is gone so what is the solution?


Support Trump and his explanation of his solutions

  • ERISA and Taft-Hartley and the inherent risks therein;
  • Our fragile banking system;
  • Re-engagement of community banks as local depository & fiduciary for our personal cash.
While being  willing and able  to acknowledge;
  • Pensions are underfunded by at least 70%.
  • Unfunded mandates will require 170 trillion dollars in the future.
  • Our national debt clock is currently at 19.4 trillion dollars and climbing steadily.
  •  Tax hedge funds and private equity fund manger’s fees and carried interest as current income, annually.

Obstruction of Justice by the Democratic Party.

2016 -08-Obstruction 08-02-2016Obstruction of Justice by  the Democratic Party.

  • We all watched in horror as Benghazi unfolded and the Clinton State Department ran their disinformation;
  • We all watched in awe as the FBI announced that no criminal referrals would be handed down against Slick Hillary for treason as she shared our national defense secrets in real time through a non-secure private server.
  • We all remember the fraud that Jonathan Gruber perpetrated on us through falsified mathematics as Obama-care was passed onto law;
  • We remember Lois Lerner retiring from the IRS after having thwarted legitimate applications by “conservative” causes;
  • We watched in horror as Eric Holder created a racial firestorm in Ferguson to cover up the subcommittee investigation into the fraud we call Obama-care;
  • We remember that Eric Holder ran a criminal covert operation to provide  small weapons to Mexican drug cartels and these weapons were used to kill Border Patrol officers.

Solution :

Criminally prosecute these individuals. Since our elected officials will not, we as a people must start to pressure Congress to do so under promise to vote them out of office in their next election.  Maybe the Republicans will get the message!


Unity Through Solutions Discusses the Bureau of Land Management and US Government Land Grabs.

BLM what are they doing?

Lets Get informed: the Bureau of Land Management and US Government Land Grabs.

BLM what are they doing?
Feds own alot of our land.
We are  aware of the dangerous precedents that have been “arranged” by certain actors operating as key political appointees of critical infrastructure oversight agencies and the disastrous outcomes when Americans are killed protecting their land and rights.
We all feel horrible for the disrupted lives of these families.  We are deprived of continued association with our neighbors who become victims of corrupt USGov bureaucrats.
Lets remember that Harry Reid’s son leads a solar deal that desires certain land holdings in Nevada.  Therefore :
Harry Reid is a corrupt politician whose self dealing has resulted in deaths.  Accordingly Harry Reid should be indicted for profiteering and using his political power for profit. However we should also be careful and not protect our natural assets from unscrupulous operators who would rape our lands for profit.
Hillary Clinton cut a deal with a Russian company to steal property in the US Northwest resulting in law enforcement officers being forced to take the life of a citizen protecting his livelihood.
 Both “Slick Hillary” and “Dirty Harry” are bad actors who used their public office and our BLM for profit but we must preserve our lands for all Americans so lets not attack the BLM.


Prosecute politicians who use their influence to profit or to create situations to create discord with legitimate lease holders who are just exercising their livelihood.
Throwing out the “baby with the bath water” is not productive. Accordingly while certain personalities inside the BLM become pawns of political interests, our  focus  should be on impeaching crooked politicians like Harry Reid and indicting Hillary Clinton for running  “fees for favors” criminal enterprises.

The United States is now a Laughing Stock

  The US is Laughing Stock
In a recent survey of international leaders, the US was ranked 18th in terms of Rule of Law by our national leaders.  Why would anyone who watches any of our leadership be surprised that we are a laughing stock as a Rule of Law nation when we have a Democratic President, Secretary of State, DOJ, FBI, State Department leadership who without exception disregard the American people as anything above “deplorables” as recently spoken by the democratic presidential candidate.
 Obama is a laughing stock here at home as having led us into a civil religious war, resurrected racial hatred, alienated us from our allies and the Jewish nation, doubled our debt and undermined our law enforcement departments at every opportunity.
We must repeal democratic “values” as they totally undermine America’s standing as a sovereign nation and a free people as they fully hand us over to communistic socialism.
We are not only a laughing stock of the world but must be viewed as totally stupid for allowing such criminal enterprises to rule us.  This writer is sick and tired of getting sand kicked in my face by these criminals in the democratic party and is willing to step out in defiance of their intention to totally ruin us.  Are you?

Unity through Solutions says to the previous adminstrations “shame on you all for neglecting our veterans.



Unity through Solutions says to the previous adminstrations “shame on you all for neglecting our veterans.

Unity through Solutions says that the men and women serve our nation they do so selflessly . We as a nation demand once their service is completed, they be treated  with respect and dignity. Give them a hand up not a hand out . A review of the history of the VA is helpful as we identify solutions to the disgraceful manner which our government treats them now. There are many support groups that do a wonderful job  One such group is Take a Pause.  There are great organizations that could serve as a model for revamping the system. But there are organizations that are rocked with scandal and abuse .


We should create 50 state citizens’ groups  comprised of members whose organizations wish to be a part of an advisory council to the the new head of the VA. He  would then  be authorized by executive order  to reduce red tape and regulations and replace the current mess with  streamlined options for medical services and other logistical supports based on the recommendations from our proposed citizens council.

Who among our leaders will step to the front of this critical issue and champion the veterans. We ask that all to whom this topic of deep and abiding interest contact us and help us find Unity Through Solutions.


I will help (required)

Unity Through Solutions Asks Does Donald Trump Make You Proud to be an American ?

Donald J Trump

Unity Through Solutions Asks Does Donald Trump Make You Proud to be an American ?


Unity Through Solution admits and has never denied our ambivalience and concern for a Donald Trump Presidency. However in the end we joined the evangelical leaders who rightly indicated the race was a single issue for many  … “who would make the Supreme Court Justice nomination”.Our  team was forced to support Donald J. Trump as #CrookedHillaryClinton was simply an abomination who would have packed the court with activists judges with the consent of the RINO Congress. Unity Through Solutions offerred to the Presidents team a fully vetted and scored Health Care replacement that met all of his pledges but alas we were rebufffed. By three people close enough to him to have him review. Now he is stuck with Obama Lite and the Rino Ryan plan.  However..

Today we remain observant as we are praying for God’s guidance of  POTUS Trump’s  leadership of our nation. So we ask …. with our theme in mind of Unity through Solutions…  Does He make you proud?

Donald trump Poll