Her name is Mary and she is a 47 year-old environmental activist and 911 truther who lives in the liberal bastion of Austin, Texas, the State capitol. She voted for Jill Stein (Green Party) for President in 2016, but, would have preferred that Bernie Sanders run against Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Mary contacted me on Facebook after she heard Al Adask’s interview with me and Michael Ellis on January 2, 2018.

As I wrote in another article, the main topic of that interview was our 3-year battle against IRS computer fraud and record falsification in the enforcement of the individual income tax; the many lawsuits that have been filed to stop the record falsification scheme; the unethical actions and violations of criminal statutes by the Department of Justice (DoJ) attorneys in Washington, D.C. to dismiss our lawsuits; incidences of judicial misconduct to manipulate dockets and suppress evidence; and the collusion between the DoJ attorneys, Federal District Judges and Appeals Court Judges to ensure that the fraud continues.

In the last 13 minutes of the interview, Al and I discussed my 2018 candidacy for U.S. Senator from Texas. I am an independent, Constitutional conservative whose main issue is the repeal of both the corporate and individual income taxes, replacing them with the two original taxing methods written into the Constitution by the Founders in 1788, and still available for our use today.

On Facebook, Mary gave me her telephone number and asked me to call her so we could talk at length, and, I did. I asked her why she contacted me and she told me the word “fraud” caught her attention. As it turns out, she has been active for many years in the battle against voter fraud, which is a huge problem here in Texas, just as it is in many other states. We had a long conversation about that topic, as well as the fraud Michael and I had discovered in the IRS. As it turns out, in all matters, Mary prefers honesty and transparency, and simply will not tolerate fraud of any kind, no matter who commits it.

We talked for more than an hour during which we both discovered that, despite our different backgrounds, we share a common vision for Texas, and America, grounded in common principles.

By the end of the phone call, she had become an enthusiastic supporter of my candidacy and had provided several media contacts, names of other activists who might also be interested in supporting my campaign, and even suggested a spacious venue in Austin, with plenty of parking, that would be ideal for a fundraising event.

It seems that my message of restoring liberty, prosperity and the Rule of Law to Texas…..and America….resonates well with a wide variety of people.

I look forward to winning more hearts and minds as my campaign gains momentum over the next few months.