Trump Unhinged ? Not really THE MSM is the unhinged party.

We knew it was going to get bad for Trump. The term “unhinged” is defined as demented, deranged, disturbed, manic, unbalanced, confused, crazy, touched, bananas, batty, berserk, bonkers, crazed, insane, loopy, lunatic, mad, maniac, mental, out of touch. So the FakeNewsMedia describes him as such while he works to MAGA

Corruption and Criminal Culpability in the DOJ and FBI
Corruption and Criminal Culpability

There is no doubt in this writers opinion that our president meets none of these descriptive adjectives but the greater question is why we are here?  Why did we go from Bill Clinton, hire young George Bush, then this Obama creature and almost bring back another and more dangerous than her husband in Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton but the best the republican party establishment could muster was a failed bid of another Bush as in Jeb and a bunch of n’er do well lawyers and talking heads to then hire a globalist elitist.


We the people finally got it right  in Donald J Trump.

The guy and his whole family are creatures of habit  just winning. Sure they were cutting deals for themselves with foreign powers and oligarchs while running a revolving door of administration goofballs who apparently are so insecure they have to go to work for a total idiot to get their daily dose of whatever it is one gets while reporting to a a winner.

Trump is not unhinged,  not insecure in his own skin,  not inarticulate and not stubbornly thin skinned.  Please America, wake up and look within for other  candidates who are also ourselves, smart, capable, honest, God-fearing and competent.  Send a message to your republican representatives to get things cleaned up so we can restructure this country by returning to our roots in the United States Constitution.  Raise up men of integrity to lead us once again.