Ivanka Trump Goes Rogue
We continue to see the true Trump family politics come forth as the onion is peeled bit by bit but now that Ivanka is out on importing more of Syrian muslim immigrants into the United States contrary to daddy’s campaign rhetoric that Obama was allowing a trojan horse to infiltrate America.
Folks, we know this family is very photogenic and articulate in circle jerk statements but now we are also realizing just how left these people in our White House really are.  If you believe that Donald Trump is pushing legislative reforms and you also understand how manipulating the press is blood sport for them and we Americans are the slaughtered sacrifices then you also know that President Trump’s timing for tax breaks and health care reform and immigration reform and regulatory reform are really just sounds bites he knows will get half of us elated while the other half of us cringe because we know in capital finance you have a debit side as well as a credit side to the ledger, well, you also know its all smokescreen.  The Trump family are parasites who have elbowed their way to the top of American society and are now taking us through that door into 3rd world nation.  Mark these words and lets discuss again August 1, 2017.