Trump Turns On Truther.

One of our country’s greatest deceptions is that our government leaders seek truth and justice for our people.  Candidate DJT was adamant with half the country that Hillary Clinton was a lying, cheating, self serving despot seeking to further exacerbate the rash of criminality she, her husband, President Obama and all their surrogates in most of our critical USGov departments had perpetuated on the country.b800805b-642c-4ffb-bb3a-205ed893945c-large
 The fact that the republican party was complicit over the last 40 years to this conduct including the senior Bush and his criminal activities only made the situation more dire for “We the People” leading to the current sorry state of affairs we now enjoy.  When Bengazi erupted, the republicans did nothing in spite of facts.  When Ferguson erupted as an opportunistic distraction to get the press off of Obama and Jonathan Gruber’s fraud we call Obamacare, the republicans did nothing and we became really pissed off at our elected leaders.
Candidate Trump promoted dissemination the facts regarding the demoncratic party’s malfeasance and treasonous actions, coverups and falsehoods so he encouraged Russian hackers and Wikileaks to share with the world what was in the demoncratic party leadership’s email transmittals and guess what, we had evidence that these are really bad people.    Unity Through Solutions has maintained since our founding that DJT was as bad for America as the Clinton machine and would if elected turn out to be no more interested in “We the People” than HRC and guess what, DJT is now criminalizing the very folks who helped him win the election by providing what the republican party would not, the facts of the demoncratic party.  We believe DJT is an elitist globalist whose self serving nature and past life evidence proves, will continue to make poor decisions that negatively impact all but the top 1000 rich people as we continue this slide into a Roman like empire whose days are up.  Trump used the very sources who provided us the evidence and is now turning on them.wikileaks
 “We the People” are the next victims of this administration but unless we are organized and mobilized to retake the country in 2018 by electing first time business owners and property owners who are statesmen and not politicians, we should just throw in the towel and accept that our children and grandchildren are and will be full fledged slaves of the state.