Trump Screws His Defenders.

Its being reported that DJT is not addressing his campaign promises to campaign defenders who end up in lawsuits for rallying to his support at political events.  He promised to pay their legal fees if they were sued or otherwise embroiled in legal proceedings as a result. However seems that he has “forgotten” his promise and is leaving them blowing in the wind.
Why should they be surprised?
This is the same guy who screwed most of the sub contractors on his real estate construction projects or at least those who he could.  This is the guy who bankrupted a failed airline with his name on it so how many stakeholders, bondholders vendors and employees lost money on that deal.
This is the same guy who screwed 4B dollars from bank customers and shareholders on failed and opulent casinos in Atlantic City, NJ and is now adding a forecasted 10 trillion dollars to our national debt during his soon to be recognized failed US presidency.
Is it any surprise to anyone this guy is a bad dude whose words are embellished promises about matters he has no expertise, knowledge or concern of who it impacts unless of course it effects his own family or close allies net worth.trumpwatch
His son in-law’s father is a convicted tax evader who served time and we know the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree so here we have a known liar and confidence man who associates with crooks and who will say anything without any concern for who it impacts or whether he even actually knows what he is promising.
If honoring his word costs him in any way, we all should know he will renege on his word.  That is how he got rich and how he remains rich.  UTS challenges him to repay the $4B dollars he bankrupted on, pay his proportionate share of the billion dollar tax deduction he claimed from the failed casinos and then lets see what he is really worth.  Those of you who defending this guy might as well get ready to fork over the 4 million dollars you are waiting on him to pay because you are going to be waiting a long time if you think he will ever pay the bills.