Unity Through Solutions explores Trumpism
We have watched the evolution of Mr Trump from his early beginnings as a scion of a rich New York City insider of the real estate culture of the middle last century where our banks had plenty of depositor cash to place out at fair margins over dividends paid.  This Trump learned how to man handle sub contractors from his father and how to insure he made money at the expense of others.
This Trump learned how to game the system coining a strategy to owe his banks more than they could afford to totally lose by foreclosing on him.  He had a ghost writer craft a cute little homage to himself called “The Art of the Deal” effectively elevating his name recognition to the national stage.  He marketed himself as the know how to and go to guy for certain experiments such as the Atlantic City gambling fiasco that has transferred wealth to certain insiders then raped the state’s economy and left the Atlantic strip a ghost town.  Trumpism has another moniker we think is more appropriate and that is BS artist.  This guy is in so far over his diminishing hairdo as our president with total reliance upon surrogates who are consummate “yes” men and women, family profiteers, Wall Street rip off artists and the like.
Donald trump PollIf you wonder why nothing is getting accomplished other than a few bombing raids, look no further than the hopped up rhetoric of a lifelong democrat turned evangelical sympathizer to win the edge at the voting booth and realize without real solutions, he is nothing more than a ten cent con man with a jet plane paid for by the 4B dollars of bankruptcies where he successfully and legally, stole the money.  Trumpism is another word for low life.  Just gold plating everything around you does not mean you have class, or, are capable of leading a nation to do great things.  Trumpism is just another word for a lying, cheating, self serving confidence man who dreams of being a true leader but will never make the cut.