Sanctuary Cities Are Criminal Operations

The fact that certain major cities and local jurisdictions inside our country are classified and proudly bear the title as a sanctuary city only means the administrators and elected officials of these incorporated areas are running a criminal operation.  Accordingly all federal funds and protections provided by those of us across the country who pay our federal taxes should demand that none of our tax dollars de distributed back into these criminal operations.  If the Trump administration is unwilling to cut off 100% of federal dollars to these cities, then Trump is complicit to their operations.  While UTS is unwilling to recommend negative actions as a tool towards correcting many of the ills facing out country, this issue is rather clean cut and simple to exercise.  Those communities who believe if is their right to arbitrarily determine what laws to follow and which ones to “set aside” are not honoring their oaths of office under our Constitution of These United States accordingly should be immediately removed by impeachment and arrest until their cases for treason can be tried under our Common Law Grand Jury system of rule as so set forth by The Founders.  This is a defining moment for Trump to man up and become a president or not.  My bet is he will will not.