Unity Through Solutions says The American Debt Epidemic Becomes Terminal.
Unity Through SolutionsThere are standards precedent regarding how much debt any family should take on relative to ability to repay and forward earnings capacity that everyone should recognize.  While our national leaders use debt to increase fiat capital levels inside our economy presumably under the purview of the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately owned for profit entity) the reality is that debt is used to control our people.  If you do not pay off your credit cards every month, you are endangering your family’s health and welfare.  If your home mortgage is more than a 50% debt to equity ratio, you are at risk of losing your home.  If you a small business working to keep your head above water and remain in compliance with your bank loan covenants before you take your paycheck out of your cash accounts, you are at risk of losing everything you have sacrificed to accumulate including your home (don’t buy into using an LLC or corporation to shield your personal assets from your businesses liabilities in case of litigation or default).  Wake up and realize that you should be eliminating every debt obligation you possess by either selling off your assets to pay off the debt or using savings to pay off any debt and get away from the control of your bank over your lives.  Why am I so concerned about your debt levels?  Take a look at our national debt levels and realize that the US Government cannot cover its own obligations and the politicians have sold you out by promising payments through entitlements, social programs and retirement IOUs that they cannot cover.  They are in default to you but you cannot take them to court and demand they come back into compliance.  You cannot expect to receive your retirement savings because your elected officials are going to take your assets to cover their default so unless you are debt free, you lose because your debt is what they use to transfer your wealth to their pockets where in the end, when the Federal Reserve demands repayment for their trillions of bad paper they hold against These United States of America, the default will complete their total control of all Americans.  Clean up your balance sheet today and preserve any possible hope of preserving your independence.