Unity Through Solutions discusses Automated Banking.

Unity Through Solutions observes that most Americans are becoming conditioned to virtually no any interaction with our bankers. Our USA  bankers apparently don’t want to have direct contact with common Americans?  Unity Through Solutions  recommends avoid electronic banking due to security and access issues. The lack of convenience and time savings electronic banking touts are replaced with need to deal with security codes, reviewing reports to monitor how many fees were charged and how much money was misallocated.  Frankly  we contend that one is ahead of the “game” with much more time to yourself  not being “electronically efficient”.  unity2-0-website-feature-images
This writer believes that our banking system has become the antithesis of responsible cash management and is a dangerous depository choice as they gradually remove any human contact between us and our money so that if or when they want to totally take over our finances, all it requires is the flick of a switch and no one will be able to access our money.
If you fear a government being in control of your money well you should be aware they already are and if you are in debt to them, all they have to do when they want to capture all of your assets, is  impose a national crisis restricting access to your money. Then once you default on your mortgages, car and credit card bills they can declare your assets their assets and kick you to the curb.
Is this the risk you want to place upon your family?  If not, it might be good to reject the convenience of automated banking and save yourself the money they collect from you for those automated conveniences.  You might want to also move your accounts to locally owned community banks where you are a person and not just a faceless account number.