Trumps, Clintons, Russia Connections

Unity Through Solutions stipulated last fall of 2016 that the Clintons were experts at corrupt political ties and that the Trump organizations both business and political were extensions of the Russian oligarchy system of global influence and monetary interests of those families “at the top.”  
As the details of these collusive endeavors between the Clinton and Trump organizations slowly work their way out of the obscure back room orifices of corruption into the light of day, we all wait with rapt attention to see the proof that we have guided would be exposed come out.  Russia is a state run criminal organization whose leaders are hell bent on  returning Europe back to a regressive society but to also include The Americas by aligning the greedy, corrupt Trump crime family who have built their wealth from inherited capital of a few million dollars into a multi national enterprise using New York City mob families, corrupt banking stooges who loaned Trump several billion dollars and lost it through bankruptcies to gain interests in Russia that are now coming home to roost.

King Trump?
King Trump ?

Yes folks just as UTS guided that the Clintons were a United States crime family whose prominence was created by its bogey over George Herbert Bush’s domestic criminal activities during the 1980’s allowing them as well to become a global crime family during William Jefferson Clintons White House years, we also guided that the Trump crime family would as well be exposed as acting contrary to the best interests of “We the People” of These  United States.  While Iran, North Korea and Russia are an axis of evil so too are our own political parties here in the United States and the Russian political elite.  It may be time to stand up an independent political third party and to challenge the republican and democratic parties starting now to have American patriots and capable candidates ready to run in 2018.