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Unity Through Solutions

Unity Through Solutions Asks Does Donald Trump Make You Proud to be an American ?

Unity Through Solution admits and has never denied our ambivalience and concern for a Donald Trump Presidency. However in the end we joined the evangelical leaders who rightly indicated the race was a single issue for many  … “who would make the Supreme Court Justice nomination”.Our  team was forced to support Donald J. Trump as #CrookedHillaryClinton was simply an abomination who would have packed the court with activists judges with the consent of the RINO Congress. Unity Through Solutions offerred to the Presidents team a fully vetted and scored Health Care replacement that met all of his pledges but alas we were rebufffed. By three people close enough to him to have him review. Now he is stuck with Obama Lite and the Rino Ryan plan.  However..

Today we remain observant as we are praying…

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