Unity Through Solutions discusses                                Veterans and their Treatment.

Men and women serve our nation they do so selflessly . We as a nation demand once their service is completed, they be treated  with respect and dignity. Give them a hand up not a hand out . A review of the history of the VA is helpful as we identify solutions to the disgraceful manner which our government treats them now. There are many support groups that do a wonderful job  One such group is Take a Pause.  There are great organizations that could serve as a model for revamping the system. But there are organizations that are rocked with scandal and abuse .


We can create 50 state citizens’ groups  comprised of members whose organizations wish to be a part advisory council to the the new head of the VA. He  will be authorized by executive order  to reduce red tape and regulations and replace the current mess with  streamlined options for medical services and other logistical supports based on the recommendations from our proposed citizens council.

Who among our leaders will step to the front of this critical issue and champion the veterans. We ask that all to whom this topic of deep and abiding interest contact us and help us find Unity Through Solutions.


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