Unity Through Solutions Reminds America The Clinton Foundation stole 4.5 Billion dollars.

The fact that the Clinton Foundation made off with 4.5B dollars donated to Haiti during the disaster there has not been exposed until now.

We now know  Clinton Foundation received about 4.5 Billion dollars to disperse through the US Red Cross to rebuilding projects intended to help the Haitian people.

We now know that only 40 million dollars was actually placed into visible assets. Unity Through Solutions asks “Where did over 4.4 billion dollars disappear ?”

Apparently the funds now are deposited in the hidden and secret offshore accounts of the Clinton’s and their surrogates.

Why are we not incensed by this theft? 

Why was Mrs Clinton ever  a viable candidate for POTUS?


Therefore let all Americans demand the Department of Justice do their job for a change and go after the real criminals. Unity through Solutions supports the charging of the persons and participants in this criminal enterprise for embezzlement , fraud and related criminal actions as well as vigorous prosecution with severe penalties sought.

Then …

Americans must start to vote along some moral code of conduct Without this action we will remain a third world nation where the top 1% get richer and the 99% get screwed.


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