Trump Unnecessarily Unglued Over Wiretaps
Unity Through Solutions has been waiting and watching for more visible indications that DJT is unsophisticated about public service and responsibility as he publicly tweets his displeasure with the fact that #BamBamBarak had Trump Tower wiretapped.
Trump Kiss me AmericaFolks, we defend the rule of law but we also want our leaders knowing what is happening within our nation so with Trump’s campaign officials and surrogates conducting dialog with Russian operatives we would expect the White House to monitor these conversations.   Yes, while we believe the democrats are the lowest life form as they effectively falsified every simple issue and salient fact that proceeded from their lips, they did got caught by the Russian’s hack team.  That the emails were then shared to all America, these hacked DNC emails proved the fact the democrats were corrupt at nearly every level.
The republicans could not or would not dig enough to get the facts so the Russians used their hacking skills to share with the American public the truth …….. so who is to blame here?  Everyone!  Stop it now and lets get some semblance of rational behavior from our president and his colleagues.  Yes, the demoncrats are corrupt but I am glad that Obama was monitoring Trump Tower since Trump and his team were and are enamored with Vlad.  Move on Trump and lets this story die naturally or get out of the way in order to allow adult leadership to show you how to run a country.  Show some maturity son, you ain’t doing so good acting like a child tweeting every emotional outburst that crosses your mind.     Donald-Trump-504x330