Sally Yates’s Legacy of Injustice at the Department of Justice

In 2015 she signed a memo that makes a potential criminal of every CEO. Time to tear it up.

Feb. 16, 2017 7:11 p.m. ET

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I quit. Friday I walk away from the company I started 20 years ago and grew to 650 U.S. employees and $1 billion in sales of over 100 new medical devices. I didn’t quit because I’m old—I’m 56—or want to play golf. The reason I sold my company and ended a career I loved is to avoid the risk of being criminally prosecuted under the federal government’s “responsible corporate officer” doctrine for the second time.

In 2010 Federal Prosecutors latched on to a false accusation of off-label promotion made by a disgruntled employee. This was parlayed min to a grand jury indictment that leads to a criminal indictment. To pressure our company into a settlement federal prosecutors interviewed and threatened more than 100 employees and customers that required the hiring of 121 lawyers at a cost to our company of $25,000,000 dollars.


Our day in court came Feb 2016 After 4 weeks of trial the verdict was not guilty on all charges.



Following the trial, one juror emailed Mr. Root  saying “What the federal government did to you your company and your employees is nothing short of criminal ”


A five-page memo written by then deputy attorney General Sally Yates was the hammer.

Fired acting AG Sally Yates
Fired acting AG Sally Yates



Please take the time to review the full article at page A15  of the Feb 17th edition of WSJ


Good riddance to Sally Yates Let’s now get rid of the memo