Unity Through Solutions addresses POTUS Trump’s Low ratings
DJ Trump is a carnival barker and real estate huckster who has enjoyed the fruits of using other people’s money all his life so why is the press so impressed with all the negative implications of his first month as POTUS.  Trump Kiss me America
Maybe he talked too big, too loud, was braggadocious about his business prowess although able to feign humbleness upon realizing he had actually beaten the democrats on election night but now, he is getting his ass handed to him as the fact he has no direct knowledge about many topics other than fine furniture and gold tapestries.  He is being outed as a chump without an original idea about anything or any clue about getting along with anyone who is not kissing his ass for a paycheck.  Why are his ratings so low before the honeymoon is even getting really started?  Simple.  America requires change but DJT is a product of big money, big business, political shenanigans and insider gamesmanship.  Did anyone actually expect him to be anything besides an entertainer in chief?  I doubt it but boy am I glad we have him instead of the alternative.  Folks, be thankful DJT is just experiencing low ratings and not actually selling our national secrets to foreign interests like his predecessor did or inciting racial divisions like his predecessor.  America is so much better off being entertained by DJT missteps than the destructive and maniacal actions of the demoncrats so let’s be cool, watch him with amusement and know that “We the People” must continue our march toward 2018 to support and promote effective patriots for midterms elections and then in 2020 lets place one of our own in the White House who is capable and prepared to be a true leader for the 90%ers.