Unity Through Solutions discloses Muslim Groups Reject Taxpayer Dollars

Never mind the gall of the Obamite/Clintonite administration’s policies handing over taxpayers funds to Muslim groups in the name of fighting terrorism but to find out the depth of such actions in addition to what we already suspected that the pro-Muslim terrorist promoters Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton but to find out official policy mandates to fund these groups without accountability for how the money was used is ludicrous at best with treason more accurate.  If Trump does not shut down each and every program issuing taxpayer dollars to these people he is as well culpable when our next terroristic attack is executed against Americans.  muslim-jihad
If shutting down taxpayer cash to all religious organizations is more politically palatable, fine, whatever it takes because we all know that Christians and Jews are not plotting or committing terroristic attacks or otherwise attempting to close down America.  Of course, the country is currently on a collision path to a civil disruption between African Americans and Caucasians, rich and poor, conservatives and liberals because of our politicians, fake news media, and lawyers make to much money off of the talking points.  While our country went bankrupt, the lawyers and bankers screwed everyone along the way with investment schemes that did nothing more than transfer our middle class wealth to the 1%ers who could give a rip about anyone besides themselves now we have US government funds supporting the very antagonists who would do our country and our people harm.  Amazing in its purely evil nature but even more amazing is that “We the People” allowed it to happen.