Unity Through Solutions discusses POTUS Trump’s EO’s

Trump is signing executive orders right and left but is he improving a lot of American families in his efforts?  We see a lot of promises and big talk but little to indicate he is actually going to become an effective president for the American people better interests or just position himself and his cronies for picking up the pieces once the economy starts its downside correction later this summer.  trumps-eo-unity-through-solutions-2018-2020
This Steven Mnuchin is a pro at taking over failed banking companies and their bankrupted investments so is this round 2 but on steroids as the working poor get poorer, the unemployed get richer off the working poor’s taxes and the illegal communities get free healthcare, free education, free food vouchers, free housing, and take up our courts and prison beds with their violent criminal organizations.  Donald Trump does not have a clue about what makes America tick only what makes for good TV and boy has he gotten that one down good.  Executive orders that say the right things to his base is fine and frankly I even like most of the language I read in these executive orders but what is lacking is any real positive impact on “We the People” of America.  Show me the meat Mr. Trump and I will sing your praises but until you do, I will stick to my opinion that you are a globalist elitist without true conviction to make a real difference and better the lives that middle America used to enjoy but now and forever gone.  Slaves and serfs don’t need EO’s, the people need results and if you cannot perform, get the hell out and let someone who can step up.