unity-through-solutions-2018-2020Underlying Inflationary Pressures

Unity Through Solutions asserts …anyone purchasing a home, eating in a restaurant, repairing a car, purchasing healthcare or running a business knows that the increasing cost of survival continues to erode American’s ability to experience the ancient and heretofore dead “American Dream.”

Inflation is real, it is eroding our purchasing power, denying “We the People” of our ability to break even much less prosper. Exploring why we have fallen into this spiraling abyss of debt while realizing that our jobs are minimum wage instead of a living wage is important towards understanding who put us here and why. Plain and simple our elected officials put us here.

The elected officials are either lawyers or spend millions of our dollars paying lawyers to figure out how to remain in office which means that the lobbyists and their corporate clients spend their customer’s money, our money when we purchase their products, to ensure reelection rather than legislate the best interest of our people. We have to wonder why term limits have not been demanded of our elected officials; well, it is time to force term limits into effect.

You wonder why inflation and the federal Reserve are stealing your hard earned dollars, now it is time to act. Get involved and learn how your country was sold out to the legal industry who collaborated with the banking industry to make sure the lawyers, the bankers, and the politicians end up with the wealth and you get the screw. Inflation is the means of devaluing your assets and cash to where it is worthless. The pressures you see every day on your purchasing power if covered up by government statistics that falsify the truth so you don’t get mad; it is time to get mad. Do something about it before it is too late.

Explore Common Law Grand Juries

and read why America’s courts were highjacked and our politicians were bought by the lawyers who threw out our Constitution so they could steal your wealth through inflation and the courts. Look at how many elderly are being forced from their homes and ranches by small town lawyers and judges. Look at these western states ranchers who have have been jailed or killed by law enforcement just for going to work in the morning……….. we have a criminal code of confiscation being used by the judges and lawyers using law enforcement to prosecute innocent people and force them from their homes. Inflation, confiscation, incarceration, all tools used by your banking and legal industries to steal your wealth.

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