Sanctuary Cities Crumbling

Unity Through Solutions states “This idea that any local mayor and city council could snub their noses and flip the middle finger to our Constitution as they harbor illegal aliens and openly defend lawbreakers is appalling”.  The fact that the demoncratic party was so adamant in their defense of criminal activities that cost American tax payers hard earned money in the form of schools, food, shelter and medical care while law abiding citizens have to go without these same “luxuries” has confused and pissed off those of us who felt we were being stomped upon to provide for and protect criminal activities.  It is no secret that the federal government could have clamped down on releasing funds to these criminally run cities effectively creating an environment where the electorate would have thrown out the city leaders whose liberal harmful and arrogant nature was harming the innocent however under Clinton, Bush and especially Obama, continued to circumvent our Constitution and their oath to protect and preserve the laws of the country.  If Trump in his glory is able to impress Miami that they should not continue to operate a criminal operation as apparently they have seen the error of their ways, then lets give the rest of them one month to shut down all illegal operations and defenses of illegals and in fact if they fail to do so, criminalize these majors and city councils who have profaned our Constitution and place them in jail along with the illegal aliens.  We can deport the illegals back to their home countries where they can reapply as legal immigrants but leave the politicians in jail to teach them a lesson on the rule of law.1-27
 A few fewer demoncrats ruining our cities and a few less innocent lives taken or effected by the crimes of these few.