Currency Manipulation and the Bankers

Unity Through Solutions and its newly formed “council of the people” joins most of the informed who believe the dollar will weaken for several reasons during 2017 from simple fundamental ebb and flow of debt and leverage by our Federal Reserve and the banking system with corporate capital velocity. We all understand that “Currency Policy” is synonymous with “Currency Manipulation” therefore it is everyone’s individual duty to make their own value judgments about their financial holdings and interests. Fed policy is in support of the banking system working for the banks, US policy is to allow the banks to create debt to support ever increasing levels of fiat currency accordingly the people who create jobs and build wealth are hung out to dry because the politicians and the capital markets have created a monopoly where they can capture our assets and wealth as we take on debt from the banks to grow our businesses. It’s our fault, not theirs that we drink the cool-aide so until “We the People” are willing to not encumber ourselves to banks by taking on debt, we have no one to blame but ourselves, therefore, we should organize investment cooperatives to invest directly into companies as equity pools outside the banking system.End Currency Manipulation Of course, when it comes to politicians and lawyers who are supported by these banking and capital markets engineers we have to kick them out of office and reject their influence over our lives and our purse by rejecting their offers for debt. Then we can force changes in the political world by placing patriots and nonlawyers forward as candidates so “We the People” may once again live the American dream and not as slaves to these thieves.