Trump Spicer Facts and Fictions

Unity Through Solutions observes that Trump wins the White House playing charades with the press in rants and attacks vacillating between facts and fictions. Spicer delivers fictions from the WH press room in his inaugural weekend address to the press corps. Is this the new normal of saying anything that comes to mind or meant to deceive the public through posturing for public policy through rants, tweets and general disinformation? Has the US government become a public relations farce transmitting false and misinformation as an acceptable public policy? What should we believe? Who should we believe? We know that the government agencies responsible for economic data, public funds administration, congress, the senate and pretty much everyone else with a US Government duty to serve the public are just PR tools transmitting false information to influence our thinking. It’s all BS folks from the IRS to the WH, all jokers playing willy nilly with the truth. Mr. President, you want to be liked so do the right thing and tell your departments and agencies to transmit the truth to the American people starting with Spicer .web-postingIf you are afraid we cannot handle the truth, give it a try and see what happens because if you don’t get it right, you will not get a repeat chance in 2020 and then all the good you might do will be unwound because you did not know how, to tell the truth.