Mike Mnuchin As Treasury Sec and Pension Funds
Unity Through Solutions points out to all Americans that we have the classic case  “the fox guarding the hen house” with our blue-collar pension contributors the hens and Mnuchin the fox.mnuchin-1-19-2017
 In the pending pension crisis and the failing grade of institutional capital fund managers to obtain returns for our retirees yet the managers became billionaires of which Mnuchin was one of these overpaid, underperforming managers.  In an era of sub-performing yield outcomes, the shrinking voice of We the People while the government elitists make money hand over fist is alarming.  The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp is underfunded to cover future liabilities as pensions have been fleeced by nearly exactly the dollar amount as the institutional money managers took from them so who was protected by ERISA and Taft-Hartley?  Wake up America and get interested in understanding where your money went and who it went to.  Please call your congressman demanding that they reject this Steven Mnuchin as Trumps Treasury Secretary.  He is a well dressed crook who will continue the past practices of transferring Americas wealth to his colleagues on Wall Street.