American Debt Ceiling To Increase
Trump’s Treasury Secretary just confirms his belief that raising the country’s debt ceiling “sooner rather than later” is in America’s best interest implying to this writer that Trump also favors increasing the pain in America’s future by weakening the dollar and increasing our debt.

Republicans Raise The Debt Ceiling Shame on Trump

As the evidence starts to come public through policy directives as so revealed in the confirmation hearings that our political leaders are continuing the same ole same ole destructive policies of past administrations.  This Mnuchin character made a killing and became a billionaire foreclosing on elderly people who had been sold a reverse mortgage believing they were secure when they made the decision to do the reverse mortgage.  Again, bankers sold products that were subprime to innocent consumers who believed their government regulators were responsible for their diligence over financial products.  This Goldman Sachs banker turned opportunistic entrepreneur and failed bank acquirer is a vulture who is being put forward as our Treasury Secretary.  America’s debt pit is spirally out of control and this guy is exacerbating our country’s financial demise.