Republican-Led Congress are Liars

We see where the republican led congress is already agreed to a 50% increase in our national debt this month by coming out in defense of an increase from 20 trillion dollars to 30 trillion dollars over 10 years. They say this is a step towards repealing Obama-Care.
This is a false statement and plain lying to the American people. Since both parties have sold out to the healthcare insurance companies, the banking establishment and the big pharma lobbyists this new revelation that the republicans are no more concerned about bankrupting America should have everyone so pissed off that the electorate should throw every incumbent out of office in 2018 and again in 2020 in order to get these malicious lawyers out of office.

Liars all
Republican Congress Is lying Again

The country is burning and the lawyer politicians are throwing on gasoline while chanting burn baby burn. Totally Amazing!

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