Trump and the Federal Reserve

Trump is a wild card in every manner, angry-man-animation-1political impact and economic policy change coming at the American people. Is his dangerous posturing personality positive or negative to the capital markets and Wall Street, Main Street and individual Americans is anyone’s guess. Is the fact he is so controversial work well in fostering changes in every level of our country’s economic and national interests? I doubt it but, keeping your adversaries off balance is certainly a proven tactic in warfare as in highly impactful negotiations so let’s keep all possible outcomes on the table until we see where this guy’s vulnerabilities become apparent. How does this style impact Fed policy and the nature of their stimuli or regressive monetary policies as they try and maintain control and liquidity of the banking system? Again, who can tell as not one person has a crystal ball or predictive capability to accurately guide the public in how to best protect our individual and corporate financial interests. Will the Fed continue a low-interest rate climate which a businessman DJT would fully find accommodative to his proclivities to leverage and debt while he apparently is fairly lean at this time if we are to believe his claims? I find it hard to believe he would screw 4 billion dollars through bankruptcies from banking savers and pension fund contributors and only hold 650MM of debt at this time but then that is just this writer’s opinion. No one can accuse DJT of possessing a moral compass or maintaining a sense of character when it comes to money. My best guess is that DJT and the Fed will be comfortable partners as they continue to leverage America’s future and retain the asset of the country for their own purposes. The Fed has acted contrary to American’s best interest since 1918 and WWI without changing tactics since as they transfer the nation’s wealth