Mainstream News IS Fake News
This writer believes that the mainstream media is the f#FakeNews media that everyone is talking about while those same media networks are touting the alternative media as fake news.  img_0425
This is the typical “deflection” strategy where the culprits paint the good guys as the bad guys betting their larger audience will embrace their “accepted” message and turn against the real good guys.
We read where liberal change agents are targeting the alternative and fact-based media outlets and their advertisers to slow down the growth and penetration of these alternative sites into the American audience.  These liberal liars and thieves will say and do anything to thwart fact based, morals centric, centric focused good guys from getting our message out and seem to be gaining momentum in this regard.  They are calling for boycotts of advertisers products that advertise on conservative fact based news media outlets, therefore, the time to remove the gloves has come.  Unity Through Solutions is asking you to consider turning off your television and spend the time with your family learning about the true nature of your nations leaders and to become activists towards insuring our nation survives this onslaught of false media.  On another topic but related is this simple question.  Do you want your children growing up to believe that being queer and same-sex marriages are normal?  Watching the Hollywood crap that is on our televisions is supporting the very unnatural life styles these liberal weirdoes want your children to believe is normal.  Right is wrong and wrong is right.  Not!