Boycott Mainstream Media Advertiser’s Products
The time to get granular has arrived in this fight for America’s future. msm-boycott-dec-23 The advertisers who place their advertising dollars on left leaning and #FakeNews Mainstream News networks are using your money that you spend on their products to advertise against your moral sense of right and wrong.  The left wants these advertisers to boycott the fact-based alternative news outlets with their advertising spends, therefore, we are calling on the consumers whose money is being used against us to not spend our money on these same company’s products.  If we can impact advertisers available add dollars by reducing their gross revenues, we can start to gain some leverage against the actual fake news organizations who are the top five of NBS, ABC, CNN, FOX and CBS…….  watchcnnslate-png-1100x619-2017-01-08-18_14_57
Yes, I include FOX as while they are attempting to become the go-to media for conservatives, please keep in mind these are a bunch of hired talking heads (mostly lawyers) who are as shallow as the other four networks and, also compromise our standards by taking simple argumentative positions to generate childish reactions from their guests instead of focusing on fact-based thoughtful dialog.  If FOX were to shift their style by allowing their guests to articulate the facts wherever those facts led instead of rudely cutting folks off mid-sentence to exercise their control over actual substantiative commentary, they could regain some creditability and their audience could actually learn something useful.  The mainstream press is just more mind-bending hocus pocus that no thinking person should allow our time to be wasted on.  Let’s make a difference and show corporate America we will not be used as their piggy bank to support the mainstream #FakeNews industry.