President Mark Zuckerberg????

There is some speculation about this Mark Zuckerberg wanting to shape public policy and take control of our lives……… he has even become a believer in some form of religious hocus pocus much like Donald Trump came to appreciate evangelical Christians once he realized they would be responsible for winning or losing the 2016 elections.
 This writer is thrilled that finally evangelical Christians are once again raising our lazy heads to take back our once great nation and demand responsible leadership be exercised over the self-serving political system led by lawyers whose only purpose is to separate Americans from our hard earned cash.
So now this little critter from Facebook who has amassed tremendous wealth on a wing and prayer using the gambling mentality of our private equity and venture capitalists who are wagering other peoples’, money wants to shape public policy.
Unless you want an ego the size of Donald Trump who is actually worth on paper, over 10 billion dollars we  better get ready for our freedoms to become controlled by our smartphone and this still wet behind the ears child who is liberal as Hell to gain a toehold in politics, We  better wake up and get our butts in action now. 2018 and 2020 are looming elections that will shape our lives so if we desire “of the people for the people” to come back into our American system, we better get active today.
If you are not thinking about how to help turn the country back to responsible and adult leadership and ready to get off your couch and do something about it, you may lose the chance to do so in the future.  We have had enough children, inexperienced statesmen and crooked lawyers in Washington, DC.  Trump was going to drain the swamp however it turns out he is just adding more crocodiles ………..