Child Vaccinations
The debate surrounding childhood vaccinations has become political and frankly I do not understand why.  Standard criteria for medicinal protocols should dictate suitable adaptability for our population and not a bunch of bureaucrats whose sole mission is to placate the big pharmaceutical companies whose lobbyists pay our elected officials to mandate these vaccinations so they can sell more drugs.  Of course, we have an obligation to thwart viruses and dangerous bacteria from infecting our people but this idea of forcing unknown potential outcomes on our children seems a little self-serving and counter-intuitive to common sense treatment protocols…….. Oh, I forget, pharmaceutical companies do this all the time.  Acceptable risk of danger to human life is ok if the financial rewards offset the potential legal liability!  Why would pharma companies dump bad drugs on our people?  Because of their lawyers, the politicians’ lawyers, and the plaintiffs’ lawyers make a lot more money.
The solution to bad drugs in our society is to demand that any drug company caught compensating physicians in any fashion be forced into liquidation and that the lawyers who get paid for allowing the drug company to do so disbarred for life. demand-choice This tradeoff of American lives and healthy outcomes for the sake of profit using acceptable litigation risk models is a crime and should be treated as such.  Once new drugs are proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be a successful treatment protocol, they should be approved but not before.