Where Did Eric Go?
Eric Braverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation was instrumental in raising questions about the legalities at the foundation and is now possible missing person.   Since before the November 2016 U.S. election sometime in October of 2016 he had been known to be “somewhere” but now apparently totally silent.  Will he be another casualty of the Clinton machine who became knowledgeable of Clinton Family activities to never be heard of again?  Might Americans finally be able to chronicle a current “hit” or strange disappearance of a key insider of this long-running crime family much like the other 80 or so strange disappearances and outright murders of Clinton operatives and close associates going back to Arkansas including Vince Foster’s “suicide”? facebook-post-where-is-eric-1-2-2017 If this man who apparently became aware that the Clinton’s were using the US Government departments to extract pay to play compensation and the Clinton Foundation as their personal piggy bank is not heard from soon, should we assume his demise was a rub out or is he in protective custody of the FBI to keep him safe while they conduct an investigation of the money trail?  Too many people have been killed or lives ruined by the Clintons through their shenanigans and are the story that should be told along with the exploits of more of our political elites who have ruined our once great nation.  As Eric Braverman says, we should just follow the money because if we do, we will certainly be angry enough to throw them all out and bring in a new team.