How Do They Do It?

The question on this writer’s mind is a constant burning curiosity about how our elected officials become so darn rich while in office.  Is it direct payments to them through creative strategies using their staffers and campaigns to launder corporate gifts and advance insider tips on stock movements or side pocket investments into deals involving large amounts of capital so a few million here and there can be hidden on the financial disclosure forms?  It is amazing to this hard working stiff struggling every day to make a buck how these community, regional and national representatives whose sole mission in life to serve their neighbors and protect our interests can make off with so much loot.  Folks lets just look at these folks financial disclosures and chart the trends of their lifestyles, spending trends and net worths like any criminal auditor might.  We should pinch our noses if we do because the stench of political corruption is so pervasive and widespread we will sure gag as the facts become clear.  The republicans made it famous, the “demoncrats” adopted the strategy and their lawyers set up the structures to pass money but we citizens allow it and that is how they do it.  Look at John McCain, Barak Obama, Al Sharpton, Diana Feinstein and you will see careers of insider double-dealing and wealth creation while capitalizing through this corrupt system.