Chicago’s Killing Fields
While noting the Chicago Police Force and the attack upon their character for “backing away” when patrolling the neighborhoods where shootings are daily events, one must explore some interesting parallel evolutions.  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barak Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, John Lewis and a whole list of African American politicians who have openly supported Black Lives Matter, criminalizing law-abiding citizens who seek to exercise their freedoms to protect themselves by defending gun rights, and, by making targets for violence out of our nation’s military and police forces both in theater (Middle East combat zones and rules of engagement) and on the front lines of community policing in our nation’s cities.  Chicago, one of the nation’s most beautiful waterfront cities and one of the cleanest downtown areas is also the holder as America’s most violent cities with twice the number of murders of New York City and Los Angeles combined.  Let us look at why Rahm Emanuel is the mayor and not in jail for helping to defraud Americans into voting for Barak Obama as president in 2008.  Why did Obama’s Chief of Staff “retire” to become Chicago’s mayor now presiding over the most distinguished killing field in any developed country as the failed policies of these liberal politicians manifest themselves and our young people kill each other in open warfare. social-media-ideal-1200-x630 American’s must look deep at the results that our elected leaders are producing and when these officials prove to be so incompetent as every one of the above-named politicians have shown to be, throw them out, immediately.  We got rid of the Clintons… now let us get rid of some more.  Until we elect politicians who are capable and competent or else have the will to fire them at re-election, we have nothing to say.  Listen to the liberal bleeding hearts who have sold us out and we all die, penniless and in fear for our safety.  Chicago is a reflection of America and where we have been heading since we left governing up to politicians and lawyers.  We are Americans.  We fight for what is ours.  We prosecute bad people and separate them from society.  Well folks, look at Chicago and prepare to deal with their public safety issues all across our country unless we start to kick out bad politicians but then vote in patriots who love our country and moral character.  America, we are too young to die without a fight.  Fire every politician who has failed to improve conditions for their constituents.