Agricultural Chemical Implications

We live in the “Monsanto” era of chemicals, genetic alterations and forced vendor options for farmers to secure seed, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and then limit who the farmer sells his crop to. This is unAmerican and contrary to our premise of free enterprise. Agricultural co-ops and other collective bargaining options have been gradually forced into extinction. Monsanto is the greatest threat to the American farmer and to make matters worse, even to individual truck farms who grow fresh products for their neighbors and local communities. Total control of our food supply and agricultural industries who threaten America. The benefits from genomic altering and controlled commercial markets are less than desirable when compared to the downside outcomes negatively impacting our health. Apparently the same politicians who take payoffs from Monsanto take payoffs from the pharmacy and health insurance companies as we fight new cancers that invade our bodies from these chemical alterations to our health.

The solution is to reject any use or consumption of altered produce from our grocery shelves through a consumer boycott effectively forcing food vendors to peddle only farm fresh organic products. Further we should only purchase packaged foods that are not chemically altered through toxic additives and preservatives. Only by taking control of our purchasing standards can we dictate a return to wholesome products forced on us by our USGov agencies and those who profit from doing so. Sell any stock holdings in Monsanto and all herbicide manufacturers whose mission is profits at the expense of our health and welfare.