Is Trump Another Reagan or Nixon?

Republican presidents are a fickle bunch of characters whose egos outweigh their common sense although Reagan had an enormous capacity to win friends and influence folks through his easy going mannerisms. Unfortunately many of the economic policies he enacted through Paul Volker were total disasters for most Americans and those policy decisions proved to be fodder for the Demoncratic party to hang their hats. Nixon was another lawyer turned politician whose ego and sense of self importance was overshadowed by reality. img_0739-1 Reality was not served well as he open the Chinese up for our banking establishment to go chasing outsized returns at the expense of the American middle class and of course his paranoid nature as an insecure little lawyer caused him to continue in his believe he was above the law. Why not even mention the Bush presidencies, they were the epitimy of corruption from Bush 41’s days at CIA and all the chaos he created both domestically and foreign soils to his young whelp who couldn’t find his own way out of a paper bag. Now we have King Trump to look forward to. Already he is proving to be someone to fear as a globalist elitist whose ego drives every decision he makes so we go from the corruption of the Demoncratic party leaders to the corruption of the republican leaders. Folks, Americans need to elect Americans not these elitists from political dynasties and tabloid television. Trump may prove to be the worst of the worst and we need to be watchful of his every move while also placing our own people up as political candidates in 2018 as we don’t need any more lawyers or tabloid television stars in public offices.