Obama’s Israel Reflects Failures 

Obama miscues once again consistent with his ongoing Middle Eastern policy failures starting when he snubbed our ally before his election in 2008 as he swept across the middle kingdoms and Europe. Obama, Kerry and Clinton’s pro islamic anti Judeo-Christian American policies created the immigration crisis that has every European nation reeling from floods of illegals and terrorists into their countries. The rule of law is an outdated concept in the minds of most lawyers who believe they are above the laws they use to persecute regular folks but the intentional undermining of American national interests to advance a Demoncratic Party advantage in our elections certainly was not a winning strategy. Now that Obama’s White House has allowed the United Nations to advance anti Israeli measures is the newest slap in the face effectively solidifying the fact that each and every executive order issued over the last 8 years should be wiped off the books, the Affordable Health Care Act totally repealed while reincorporating a couple good ideas, and generally wiping out any legacy reference to the Obama/Clinton administration. Shameful and embarrassing at best, Barak Hussein Obama presidency should be expunged from history just as they like to rewrite history. Trump had better jump on ISIS militarily on January 22 and send a message to Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and Bejing, we are not fooling around like these outgoing traitors did for 8 years advancing global terrorism for militant Muslims. I wonder how much money the Clintons and Obama’s received from foreign governments for their treachery?  

One thought on “Obama’s Israel Reflects Failures 

  1. remember GOD is running the show Obama is just an instilment of HIS will We are closer than ever to end time events! Please read Zec 14 (the return of the Chris) and you will have a better understanding of the truth. My opinion is Trump will be the man who has his finger on the match that will change many things around the world. There has to be things that have to happen and they will Read book of revelations and Daniel 9. Once we have an understanding we will have peace Will the temple be built will it be defiled who will defile it all interesting question


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