Solutions Through Crisis

The founders of Unity Through Solutions have been out front of the trends in American politics for several years.

 Their perspectives on guiding principles for effective governance have not always been spot on due to the very nature of human nature impacting the American system and the fallacies that false advertising, political pundits and their narratives, campaign rhetoric and outside influences present to the public. 

 However when you analyze the outcomes from a simplified marketplace, I.e. the electorate, and prioritize policy matters as well as systemic injustices and the people making our legislative decisions, breaking each one down into a simplified organization chart, corrective actions are fairly easy to discern. 

 The problem remains with those at the top which no one can argue is a problem for each and every American. We project that the next year will be a year of turmoil and injustice as the right is now led by an egotistical tyrant with very little common sense and a whole lot of childish tendencies. The good news is that he does have several solid folks around him who he will hopefully listen to when it matters however we strongly doubt he is capable of not allowing his personal issues to overcome common sense and the greater good for the country. 

 Crisis is what forces changes and certainly we believe we are in for a few so lets get tight on our objectives, well organized in our approach and be prepared to step up when the country realizes the mess we are in. Trump is out for himself and so long as the country’s interest advance his he will encourage good policy but when the interests are country first, he will cave then its our time to step up. Solutions From Crisis!