Foundations For Profit

Little Eric Trump and his charitable foundation have to stop raising money for sick children.  Thank you, Donald Trump, for shutting down your whelp from his profiteering off of other peoples money in the name of charity.  This writer believes that a family foundation must be restricted from taking other people’s money to donate to charitable organizations doing good work.  Anyone wishing to donate to a hospital or other useful and benevolent organization can write the check themselves without another family taking a cut off the top in the form of directors fees or any other form of compensation.  If the Trumps are so rich and their interests throw off the kind of money they claim, why do they need to take compensation and run other people’s money through their foundation?

Unity Through Solutions does not advocate for Foundation Profiteering
This practice is foolish and should be abolished as a matter of law.  Donald Trump himself made this practice acceptable in his children’s eyes through his own similar practices, therefore, creating a for-profit enterprise using our IRS’s corrupt tax provisions and loopholes for transferring more taxpayer subsidized money from the public to their own pockets.  When will Americans wake up and challenge the corruption our national leaders and the 1%ers use to line their pockets at our expense?  None of the Trump kids know self-sufficiency or how to make their own way and this is another example of why we should be aware of our new president and his family.  They look good on the outside but are rotten to the core when you get granular