Solutions For Christmas

America has a new sheriff in Donald Trump and we can place the Obama/Clinton disasters in our rearview mirror including Obama-care.  Hillary-care was a bad idea by a corrupt Clinton administration come to life as Obama-care so it is not hard to imagine the plan hatched by these two embarrassments to American politics as he became the first African-American president, she the congresswoman turned Secretary of State to succeed him as the first woman president.  Thank God this did not happen when the American voters spoke these fools into retirement.

Solutions for Christmas

We now have a president-elect who is making noises towards affirmative steps to reduce government waste by cutting government jobs across the board, elevating America into another arms race with Russia, placing his billionaire buddies and family members into comfortable presidential advisory positions while refusing to separate himself from his personal business interests as he threatens foreign government officials where he failed to deliver on his promises of job creation through his yet to materialize golf and resort projects with, whatever, and generally appears to believe he is King Trump.  Folks, we might think we are getting solutions for Christmas from this Donald J Trump character but let me be clear, he is no king for the people and his policies are going to prove to be ruinous for us while his cronies become richer.  The tax policies he is already touting will benefit his people not our people and his posturing for global “deals” for his people will cost our people as much or more so than the last “Demoncratic” Party political elites so let’s be wise and start to mobilize for the 2018 midterms and make sure we only elect qualified first term politicians in our local and national offices ……….. maybe in 2018 and then 2020 we can start to realize some actual and corrective solutions for all our people.