Bill Clinton and Angry White Men

Mr. William Jefferson Clinton doesn’t know just how mad most American white men really are since we know how much he contributed to our being angry.  This guy has never contributed anything worthwhile to America and the costs he created for us whether it was all the dirty money he made for himself and his cronies for repealing Glass-Steagall, enabling his crooked lawyer wife to hold any public office and potentially become president herself, creating corrupt local economic development corporations to steal jobs from other communities using tax payers capital, and on and on………
Bill Clinton, you bet your ass I am an angry white guy who is so glad that your race baiting “Demoncratic” Party is totally inept and rudderless without a moral compass or ethical actor in the ranks.  You were using our African American population as tools to get you elected and to jamb political correctness down everyone’s throat while eroding every bastion of decency of our American system.  America is over this racial BS but you and your party keep festering the problem with your phony rhetoric so we are again racially divided thanks to you.  We used to allow Christendom to flourish and relied on the 10 Commandments, the rule of law and the ability to worship and enjoy our freedoms.
Now we have transgendered misfits running the country through their civil liberties to throw their alternative lifestyles into every form of media and entertainment and you want to criminalize us who proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.  angry-man-animation-1Ya Clinton, I am pissed at you and your legacy as you and your associates pretty much ruined our nation in less than 40 years.  My African American buddies should take you out behind the woodshed and show you how pissed they are at you for taking them down the primrose path to nowhere.