Trans-Pacific Partnership… A Bad Idea.

Free trade across the world should be a given not this state-sponsored public funds subsidy to favored contributors of certain politicians.  We all understand and see the giveaways that corporate America receives from the public subsidy cesspool we call economic development and sustainability for jobs.  These programs are not about jobs for the working class but about how much money the corporate CEO diverts to our elected officials through their lobbyists and the bills that are crafted in support of favored trade status or direct payments from governmental incentives.  Our tax dollars are commingled with direct payments to reward political payback for political contributions.  This is the reason for TPP and everyone knows it so why do we allow the practice to continue?
The solution is to not get hung up on the fallacies of TPP and every other bad trade deal our

Unity Through Solutions says that Trade Deals need to help America be strong.

elected officials have enacted but it is to demand the repeal of every trade pact where taxpayer dollars are diverted to corporate business as an incentive, subsidy or another stimulated trade arrangement.  We do this by eliminating Economic Development Corporations at the local levels as well as organizations who create and support national trade deals.  Remember that trade associations and Chambers of Commerce were our industrial voices before Bill Clinton and his Arkansas cronies figured out how to divert taxpayer dollars to his cronies when he was Governor and now we see what that strategy has done to America.  We allowed “cancer” to take hold and grow into a national policy for transferring public money to private interests and the Clintons have made this a national pay to play policy for trading away America to foreign interests.  Only we can stop them from continuing this practice and that is to abolish any laws enacted by our elected officials that favor one American over another.