Sharia Law in America ?
Sharia Law is a distraction for folks in the United States to even be wasting time discussing as it is not only unconstitutional but represents everything America is not.
  • We do not disparage our women as state policy,
  • We do not dictate a state religion, Sharia Law Unity Through Solutions 2016-17
  • We do not behead for indiscretions,
  • We do not kill our daughters just for being women,
  • We do not allow our men to rape and pillage without consequence, We do not support random maiming of limb or taking of life through marketplace bombing, etc., etc….. my apologies, until Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.  S
Sharia Law in America is as goofy as allowing the Italian mob to run the country except the mob has some rules of engagement and an honor code so maybe a bad analogy but the point is, why even give this shameful Islamic code a toehold on American soil?
The Solution is to blatantly reject any aspect of Sharia and anyone who supports it from our shores.  If Dearborn, Michigan or any of the other largely Muslim residents who are gaining local public office elections and becoming voices in support are not stopped now, we will have the same societal issues as the middle east and be at civil war here for no good reason other than we allowed a cancer to emerge and did nothing to stop it.
It is time to openly reject Sharia Law and anyone who allows it to expand demanding they be tried for treason against our homeland.  If Barak Obama is the first one tried on this matter, so be it as racial division among our population has elevated to crisis level and Hillary Clinton is twice as bad because she doesn’t care about America just her family foundation’s pay to play for Americas natural resources and the heart and soul of our people.