Obama leaves nothing except confusion division anger and waste.
The Obama Legacy
The reality of the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and “Demoncratic” Party legacy is best described in a single and short video of Aleppo, Syria after becoming a bombed out shell of destruction.  The images of destroyed buildings and cluttered streets are one visual worth noting but the even far greater reality behind this image is the personal lives destroyed, families ruined, souls tormented and a lasting carnage of an unnecessary, despicable legacy of this American presidency.  While the Clintons become gazillionaires, the Obama’s entertained Hollywood dreamers, pandered to every alternative lifestyle imaginable, enjoyed Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard and generally squandered taxpayers capital while perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in American history through something called Hillary-care, Obama-care or whatever tag you use, the European continent experienced relocation of possible 60 million Muslim peoples to their shores while the MENA region was destroyed by ISIS.  ISIS was a Hillary Clinton creation allowed to function as Barack Obama forced American military and lasting stability from that region.
This writer cannot think of a single positive accomplishment that has been produced under either Clinton or Barak Obama’s policies accordingly the results of their tenures are a total destruction of everything they touched.  America has a president-elect who may be able to change how America does business and I only pray he is able to leave office without having taken us over the cliff through his globalist elitist agenda of taking America further towards an oligarchy.  Remember that Hitler came to power during parallel circumstances so let’s also pray that the snap back from Obama/Clinton does not prove as disastrous and let us insure that Donald J. Trump does not become a 2 term president.  The last 30 years have been disastrous enough but I am concerned we are not through with political corruption in America and DJT requires our focused and learned observation as he takes the reins of our great nation.  Honesty and integrity must replace the legacy of political corruption in our hallowed halls of governance.