Obstruction of Justice by Democratic Party
Obama leaves and we know what he did!
We all watch in horror as Benghazi unfolded and the Clinton State Department ran their disinformation; we all watched in awe as the FBI announced that no criminal referrals would be handed down against Slick Hillary for treason as she shared our national defense secrets in real time through a nonsecure private server; we all remember the fraud that Jonathan Gruber perpetrated on us through falsified mathematics as Obama-care was passed into law; we remember Lois Lerner retiring from the IRS after having thwarted legitimate applications by “conservative” causes;  we watched in horror as Eric Holder created a racial firestorm in Ferguson to cover up the subcommittee investigation into the fraud we call Obama-care;  we remember that Eric Holder ran a criminal covert operation to provide  small weapons to Mexican drug cartels and these weapons were used to kill Border Patrol officers.  The solution is to criminally prosecute these individuals and since our elected officials will not, we as a people must start to pressure Congress to do so under promise to vote them out of office in their next election.  Maybe the Republicans will get the message!